My 10 Day Body Transformation

I’m excited to share that I just recently completed my first 10 Day Celebrity Transformation and lost over 10lbs during that time! I have continued to see amazing changes and weight loss, just by becoming educated, eating healthy, and continuing Purium. It’s not only good for people who want to lose weight but it’s also good for those interested in breaking an addiction to processed food, kickstarting your metabolism, and cleaning out your toxins. It’s been a really great learning experience and I couldn’t ask for better results. I’m so motivated to take better care of myself, and I’ve never felt as clear mentally. And who knew – all it took was being committed to eating clean, organic, non-GMO super foods. Not to mention the money I’ve saved from eating out less, and the fun I’ve had learning to actually COOK real food (and not just ramen…). 

One of my wonderful friends introduced me to the Purium lifestyle at a “healthy, happy hour.” And I’ve gotta say, since I started I sure do feel a lot healthier and happier. The best part about it was that I was able to see tremendous changes just through simply learning how to make smarter decisions when it comes to how I treat my body. I’m usually pretty skeptical about trying things like this, and we all know I LOVE my food – but this was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. The apple-berry power shakes are the and it’s fun to find different ways to prepare the flex foods you’re allowed during the 10 days. And y’all – it’s just TEN DAYS. Do you even remember what you did the past 10 days anyway?

Another fabulous part about Purium is their gift card marketing program. Because they are so confident in their product and the results people will get by using them, they offer a business model that allows their customers to get easy money just by giving out gift cards. My results were so awesome, I’ve already almost been completely reimbursed for what I paid to even get the transformation cleanse. Kind of a no brainer for me….

If you’re interested in hopping on board, contact me and I’ll be happy to support you in the process!!!  

READY TO GET YO SEXY BACK? click this link and use the code “dedication” to redeem a $50 gift card!!

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