Co-Founder of The Women Wave, a space for women who are unapologetic works in progress.
  • Created concept based on need in market for more female voices, developed entire branding strategy and e-mail newsletter via Mailchimp, managed growing social media accounts – garnering 31K+ downloads with steady growth over 12 months, 6.8K+ IG followers with 8.09% engagement rate, and 15,000+ impressions per week
  • Produced, hosted, and edited weekly podcast discussing politics, pop culture, lifestyle, & everything in between from female perspective – creating a space for women to feel connected, empowered, and inspired to get involved in the world around them

Co-Founder & Producer of Free Space, a celebrity-hosted virtual game night experience.
  • Created concept, developed website and branding, led marketing strategy
  • Delivered over 150+ virtual experiences in first year of operation