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meredith the actress

“Sterling is one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with! I’m always excited to have another opportunity to shoot with her because I know the session will be a blast and the photos will look incredible. She has a real talent for catching natural moments, allowing the personality of whoever she is shooting to shine through. She is such a versatile photographer, but above all she is a joy to be around. The session is always elevated by her infectious personality and warm demeanor, immediately making you feel comfortable and ready to step in front of the lens. I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

kam the professional organizer

“Sterling was the perfect person to take just the photos I needed. She kept our photoshoot fun and light and helped tap into the authenticity of who I am so that it would reflect in the image.  I am grateful and hope to work together again soon for even more content!”

kirst the entrepreneur

“Sterling was so easy to work with! This was my first ever solo photoshoot and she made me feel so comfortable. She directed the entire shoot, curated all the backgrounds and even picked out my outfits. Her vision and talent are unparalleled!”

izzy in the hills