Love This Look: Fall Maxi Skirts

I am a huge fan of long dresses and skirts, especially in the summer. Here in LA, “fall” still means 75-80 degrees and sunny, so it’s nice to be able to wear something lighter, while still dressing appropriately for the season. The trick is to accompany your long skirt with other clothing and accessories that are still perfect when it gets chillier. I especially love pairing long skirts with leather, denim, patterned scarves and other fall trends. Just ’cause the summer is over doesn’t mean we have to say adios to our beloved maxis!

Love This Look: Spring Forward

As it  slowly transitions into warmer weather, I love this look for those days when it’s “not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!”

You can find pieces similar to the ones in this outfit almost anywhere. The white tee and skirt pictured here are both from Zara, together valued at $45. All you  need is a basic white tee, high low skirt, and leather jacket. Match it with a vintage clutch and belt and you’re good to go.