9 Ways to Make Space in Your Life

It’s no secret that life has a way of testing you to see exactly what you can handle. After moments of feeling completely overwhelmed with my career, relationships, what I should be doing, what I’d like to be doing instead… I decided it was time to get reorganized. For me, that started with getting rid of all of the clutter that doesn’t serve a purpose. Making space in your life tells the universe that you are done with the old and ready for the new. Things you don’t use, people who use you, or thoughts that make noise in your head are all taking up valuable real estate in your life. To help get you going, here are my 9 ways to make space in your life. Better late than never for a little spring-cleaning!

This whole kick started by cleaning out my closet. I felt like I couldn’t even get started on the bigger, more important things until I got rid of the physical clutter. Whatever that first step is for you, here are my suggestions for making room in your physical life:

  1. Where you live. It’s important to make your space your Somewhere where you feel comfortable, experience no stress, and know where everything is. Ever have a closet full of clothes but nothing (I mean, nothing) to wear? Yeah. It’s hard to see the pieces you love when all the stuff that doesn’t even fit is in the way. If you’re like me and have 80,000 t-shirts because they’re sentimental, I recommend recruiting someone you trust to help you go hanger by hanger eliminating everything you do not need. (Thanks for hanging in there, Tricia!) It’s easy to convince yourself to hold on to certain things, but if you haven’t worn it in the past 6-12 months (weather permitting) – hasta la vista, baby! Side note: I sold what I could, donated the rest. Win, win! 
  2. Where you work. Clutter is distracting! Increase your efficiency by simplifying your workspace. Organize your papers. Shred what you don’t need. Create an environment that allows you to be productive and then move on with your day. You don’t need 73 writing utensils.
  3. Digital life. Cleaning up your computer files, social media accounts, and email inbox will be a huge weight off your shoulders. Invest in an external hard drive and keep only the files you need immediately on your computer (that includes pictures!). Not only will your computer run faster, but it will also be so much easier to navigate.

According to some random article (which was supported by some other random article) on Google, we have anywhere between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. I know what you’re thinking – that’s almost as many t-shirts as you have! But with all of these ideas floating around, we need to make space in the ol’ noggin for the thoughts that actually matter.

  1. Meditate/Yoga. When I first began my yoga practice, I found Savasana, or Corpse Pose, to be the most challenging –  and all you have to do is lie on your back. It’s easy to allow thoughts to circle around while staying still. Being present is essential for making space for what’s happening right now. Incorporating some type of meditation into your daily life is the most scientifically proven way to create space in your mind, inspire creativity, and help you relax.
  2. Exercise. You don’t need me to tell you the benefits of working out. The hardest part is making the time to do it. Make it a priority. Run, dance, do yoga again – whatever is fun for you! 
  3. Write! Whether it’s to-do lists, your schedule, or any ideas you may have – free up some of the space in your mind by writing everything Especially if you sometimes struggle to fall asleep because your brain won’t turn off, try typing all of those thoughts into the notes on your phone. That’ll help you tackle everything the next day.
  4. Creating time for yourself. This might be the most important one. When we get crazy busy, we forget to take care of ourselves. Read, nap, or do absolutely nothing. Whatever it is, schedule a specific time in your day to regroup and have some alone time.

The people we interact with personally and professionally take up a lot of space in our lives. Not in a bad way – people are awesome! But you need to figure out who supports you and is willing to meet you half way.

  1. Let go. Any relationship is a two-way street. It’s exhausting to be the only person making an effort. Break free of anyone who only brings negative energy to the table. Bye, Felicia(s)! 
  2. Learn to say “no.” Say “yes” to anything and everything you want to do. But don’t be nervous to turn down an event because you feel obligated to go. See #7. Your time is precious, bb!

Once you make the decision to get organized, the most important part is sticking to it. What are some other ways you make space in your life? Keep me updated below!


Resistance & Accountability

I want to start off by pointing out that it’s been almost an entire year since the last time I posted on this blog. Now, that isn’t to say I haven’t written anything, but certainly not anything worth sharing with all of you (hey, mom!). Since then, I’ve had countless conversations with close friends about our goals, things we each want to accomplish individually, things we want to accomplish together, and so on. During every one of these discussions I always say, “I need to write more. Not for money or a job, not for a class, not because I have to, but just to write.” And I never seem to do it. As difficult as that is for me to admit to myself, it’s true. During a phone call with my bestie Kirstie (rhymes way cuter in my head) who lives ~3000 miles too far away, I found myself once again telling her, “I need to write more.” Annoying, right? Like, do it already Sterling, GEEZ. I’m busy, okay? The next day I get a text from Kirst… “Did you write for your blog today?” We all know the answer: “Not yet.”

All of a sudden, the world started shaking. And not in a “I live in SoCal now” kind of way. But rather – Oh no, I can’t remember my WordPress password. Maybe in the morning, today is the only day I can go to the gym, ever. My room really needs vacuuming. I should really cut up all of my junk mail so no one steals my identity. I think there’s some laundry I could do. These are actual thoughts I had. You know it’s bad when I’m considering cleaning and exercising as potential alternatives.

Sound familiar?

If you haven’t read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, I highly suggest you do. With that said, there are times I wanted to throw it across the room. There is something so frustrating about recognizing your weaknesses, knowing you can overcome them, and then not changing. The first section of the book talks about our greatest enemy – Resistance. For me, the term ‘Resistance’ is best defined by this excerpt: “It’s not the writing part that’s hard. What’s hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us from sitting down is Resistance.”

If you don’t care to read the book (but care to read this really awesome blog!!) – the greatest takeaway for me was to learn to use whatever resistance I feel as a guide toward the things I should be doing. Because the things we feel the most resistance toward are the things we know we can do, but we just don’t.

Guess what the first step of overcoming resistance is?

Sitting down and starting. Stop making excuses, and just getting to work. BOOM. Is your mind blown yet? And just look at me go…typing away on my laptop… and I’m still alive! Yes, I’m missing the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I still watch that show (#TeamHanna). But I’m okay! I made it! Crazy how that works.

If you’re still with me after my PLL confession, consider this last little nugget: everything you do should be moving you closer to your goals. One of the most important parts of that is building your team. Don’t have people in your life that are going to distract you, bring you down, or add to that resistance you already feel. Find the people that will remember to text you “Did you [insert goal] today?” Find the people that care if you succeed. Find the people that you care if they succeed, too. Although how you spend your time is 100% your responsibility, it doesn’t hurt to not only do life with people, but to succeed in life with people.

“Situationships” and The Importance of Letting People Know You Care

Relationships. They can be complicated or they can be magically and wonderfully simple. This can be with anyone – family, friends, romantic interests, your pet hamster, whatever. What it boils down to is a mutual understanding of where you stand with each other, and more importantly, what you mean to each other. In this generation, we see a lot of “situationships,” where the relationship is better described as “a thing,” and no one really knows what page you’re on, and no one takes the initiative to talk about it. What’s usually happening here, and I am guilty of this, is that one person is emotionally available while the other is not. Which makes the idea of the whole (necessary) conversation somewhat terrifying. And for us Capricorns out there, we are gonna be right here waiting for that other person to finally come around. To me, this isn’t what is important. What should override anything that’s “complicated” in relationships, is the importance of being honest and present with yourself and the other person. If you miss someone, tell them. If you love or care about someone, let them know. If you’re not on the same page or even in the same book, it’s a lot less difficult to be upfront about those feelings than to be frustrated by keeping them to yourself (on both parts). It literally can only take 3 seconds out of your entire day to let someone know that you’re thinking about them and that they are appreciated. The beauty of this is that by simply being honest, someone feels [insert: happy, appreciated, loved, cared about, etc.] and you contributed, even if only a small part, to that comfort. And if someone is making you feel the negative version of any of these emotions, it is time to get to movin’ on my friend, because at the end of the day you are the only person who can choose who contributes to your happiness. If you want to be happy, BE. Whatever that means for you.

Going into the New Year, this is an aspect of my life that I am very present with, and am dedicated to making these adjustments in my own relationships. Anyway, g2g, I miss my sister right now, so I’m going to let her know by sending her this picture of a dancing pug.