“Situationships” and The Importance of Letting People Know You Care

Relationships. They can be complicated or they can be magically and wonderfully simple. This can be with anyone – family, friends, romantic interests, your pet hamster, whatever. What it boils down to is a mutual understanding of where you stand with each other, and more importantly, what you mean to each other. In this generation, we see a lot of “situationships,” where the relationship is better described as “a thing,” and no one really knows what page you’re on, and no one takes the initiative to talk about it. What’s usually happening here, and I am guilty of this, is that one person is emotionally available while the other is not. Which makes the idea of the whole (necessary) conversation somewhat terrifying. And for us Capricorns out there, we are gonna be right here waiting for that other person to finally come around. To me, this isn’t what is important. What should override anything that’s “complicated” in relationships, is the importance of being honest and present with yourself and the other person. If you miss someone, tell them. If you love or care about someone, let them know. If you’re not on the same page or even in the same book, it’s a lot less difficult to be upfront about those feelings than to be frustrated by keeping them to yourself (on both parts). It literally can only take 3 seconds out of your entire day to let someone know that you’re thinking about them and that they are appreciated. The beauty of this is that by simply being honest, someone feels [insert: happy, appreciated, loved, cared about, etc.] and you contributed, even if only a small part, to that comfort. And if someone is making you feel the negative version of any of these emotions, it is time to get to movin’ on my friend, because at the end of the day you are the only person who can choose who contributes to your happiness. If you want to be happy, BE. Whatever that means for you.

Going into the New Year, this is an aspect of my life that I am very present with, and am dedicated to making these adjustments in my own relationships. Anyway, g2g, I miss my sister right now, so I’m going to let her know by sending her this picture of a dancing pug.



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